Site: 1000 acres
on two islands in the
St. Lawrence River

Canada's first world's fair, it celebrated Canada's centennial as a confederation.

Expo 67 also introduced the idea of expo passports, wherein you could get your book stamped as you visited each pavilion.

Canada would later host Expo '86 in Vancouver.

The "Man the Producer" Theme Pavilion
and the Expo-Express Station

Expo 67 - from the National Library and Archives of Canada
Expo 67: Man and His World - photo gallery from CBC News
Parc Jean-Drapeau - in English and French
Expo 67 - by Jeffrey Stanton
Habitat 67 -from Great Buildings Online
Expo 67 site -the site now
Habitat 67 -from MontrealPlus.ca, in French
Expo 67 - an overview in French
Expo 67 Monorails
Casino de Montréal - former French Pavilion, in English, French, and Spanish
Biosphére - former USA Pavilion, in English and French
Expo 67: Montréal capitale du monde - from Radio-Canada, in French
Expo 67 - images from Virtual Museum Canada
Canadian Centennial

40 ans et des ruines - wonderful comparison photos of the Expo 67 site in 1967 and 2007

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